What To Expect

When you attend our worship service here is what you will find:


1.  You will be greeted by a loving and freindly group of caring people.

2.  Our services start out with accapella singing.  This may seem odd to you, however, it is our desire to be like the church in the New Testament which did not use mechanical instruments during worship.  We sing at different times throughout the service.  

3.  We will have an opening prayer by one of the men in the congregation.

4.  We then partake of the Lord's Supper, or communion.  We do this each first day of the week just as the church in the New Testament did. 

5.  After communion, we take up an offering.  These funds are used to take care of the expenses of the congregation such as utilities, upkeep, and such.  We do not desire or expect visitors to contribute, as our congregation is self sufficient.  

6.  A lesson will be brought by a preacher, using only the Bible.

7.  After the close of the lesson, an invitation will be given, to allow those who have need for prayers to make their request known, and for those who have not obeyed the gospel to do so. 

8.  After the invitation the service will end with a closing prayer, again by one of the men of the congregation.